Ranking The Top 10 Sexiest Biracial Men

Although interracial couples are becoming more common and accepted in society, even in the era of Trump., it has been a long journey for acceptance within society. With all the ignorant statements about children who are the product of a cross-cultural relationship, we’ve decided to compile a list of biracial/cross-cultural men to remind people that diversity is beautiful.

And for those of you who think we’re objectifying men, in this case, we are. GET OVER IT! Now let’s enjoy some eye-candy.

Here’s our list:

Number 10: Shemar Moore

Okay, you know our list is sizzling hot when this guy comes in at the 10th spot. Can you believe he’s approaching 50 years of age? To hell with George Clooney. What if guys in their 50’s looked like this?

Number 9: Boris Kodjeo

This man is too damn perfect to be real and just needs to step aside to allow mere mortals some recognition, hence the 9th spot.

Number 8: Julio Iglesias Jr.

A beautiful smile with perfect teeth along with good hair and physical appeal puts at Julio Jr. on the list in the 9th spot.

Number 7: Ian Anthony Dale

He first graced us with his presence on Hawaii Five-0. But now, I’m sure he couldn’t walk down the street without turning a few heads.

Number 6: Wentworth Miller

Wentworth’s intense eyes and sultry demeanor make him a bonified heartthrob. Miller’s heritage consists of Russian, Dutch, French, Lebanese, Syrian, Jamaican, English, German and Native American. He truly represents diversity in the best way possible.

Number 5: Isha Blaaker

Relatively new to the fashion world he is already gracing well-known runways and turning heads with both his phenomenal physique and penetrating gaze, which puts him at the 5th spot.

Number 4: Marcus Patrick

A man of diversity both in his heritage and the looks he gives the camera, Marcus Patrick can charm and titillate you at the same time. He’s got the body, he’s got the swagger, but what a great smile. Is there anything sexier than a great smile?

Number 3: Martin Sensmeier

Martin’s square jaw, deep dark eyes, and lovely locks are enough to make your heart skip a beat and put him in the third spot.

Number 2: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

We’re always a little surprised when his fans don’t realize that Dwayne Johnson identifies as Black and Polynesian. And for this list, he qualifies. And there’s absolutely no doubting why.

Number 1: Jason Momoa

Not sure why, but he seems always be wet. Yes, Mr. Aquaman himself concludes at the top of our list. It seems like there were no complaints when a man of color race-bent the submerged the super-hero. His appearances on Game Of Thrones and Conan help garnered his fame – and his fan base.

Do you agree with our list? Who did we miss?

Let us know.

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