Black Santa Sells Out Events In Houston

It was just a few short years ago when Megyn Kelly, then Fox News host, brazenly declared that Jesus, along with Santa were white men. The comment became instant easy fodder because apparently, somebody forgot to tell her that Santa Klaus, aka Kristopher Kringle, was indeed a fictional concoction.

Ever since we had a sufficiently good laugh at Kelly’s expense, there have been Black Santa Klauses emerge all over the world – and one Houston mall has sold out because Black Santa has arrived.

Magan Butler-Coleman had been working since the summer to organize photo sessions at the Media Block in Houston, Texas. Santa is a teacher and actor by day and who’s real name is Kelvin Douglas.

Butler-Coleman came up with the idea because she wanted her 2-year-old son to see a Santa that resembled him.

“It’s always great to have a Santa that provides a reflection for all children, no matter their background,” Butler-Coleman said. “To know that Santa can be a reflection of a black child and Santa could be a reflection of a Hispanic child, it lets them know that there is some room for them to grow into whatever it is they’d like to be.”

Butler-Coleman has been elated by the positive responses they’ve had.

“It’s a wonderful way for kids to see diversity,” Douglas said. “When they see a black Santa, a white Santa, an Asian Santa, and even a Hispanic Santa, you’d be surprised at the number of parents who also want to take a picture with good old Santa!

Kevin Douglas aka Santa

Due to the positive responses, organizers are trying to add more dates.

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