5 Interracial Marriage Myths Debunked

With an increase of acceptance, media access, and yes, integration, interracial marriage has steadily increased over the last few decades. And although many in society have accepted those who’ve crossed racial lines, there are still those who have perpetual myths about interracial marriage. Many of the myths are perpetuated by an antiquated view of society, and other misconceptions can be dispelled by quantitative research – and a little common sense.

Here’s our list.

Interracial Means Black And White

A few years ago, Jennifer Lopez was seen galavanting all over the airwaves with Sean “Diddy” Combs. The two were never officially married but no one dared to utter that this was an interracial couple. Lopez, of course, is from Peurto Rican heritage, and Combs is African American. One of the latest studies done back in 2010, revealed that more than one in four black men marries outside of their race. Not all Black men marry White women. A higher percent of Asian women marry outside of their race, 36 percent, and rarely does it seem taboo. Because of the racial history, which let’s face it, still lingers, being African American and Caucasian still yields the most decent from family, colleagues, and friends.

People in Interracial Relationships Don’t Date Within Thier Race

It’s not unheard of for someone to never date within their race, but for most, this is not the case. “I’m White, and I don’t date White men”, said Celeste Smith. ” White guys don’t appreciate a woman with my size. I prefer Black men.” Although Celeste is certainly not alone in er thinking, most people who date outside of their race have dated within their race, too.

White People in Mixed Marriages Are Rebelling Against Their Parents

Yes, many still believe that in this generation someone would go through the process of marrying outside of their race, strictly to rebel against their parents. Technically, there are more ways to rebel than just marrying outside of your race. But let’s just think about this for a moment. Why would someone put their spouse through such grief, have children, and make a financial commitment just to rebel? I know, it seems outlandish, because it is.

Black/Asian/Hispanic Who Marry Whites Hate Their Own Race

In general terms, this is false. Actor-Singer Harry Belefonte, Abolitionist Fredrick Douglass, US Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall, and of course our contemporary example Colin Kaepernick have all crossed racial lines but yet fought the justice and equitable treatment of their own race. It’s pure ignorance to believe that these examples are merely exceptions to the rule.

Interracial Couples Want To Dilute The Blood Of Thier Children

Here’s the myth that has been circulating a while about interracial couples. Diluting the blood of their children may be what the exception wants, but certainly not the majority. Anyone who wants to bring less hardship to their children by marrying outside their race seems a little demented and maybe confused. The last thing a couple should do is choose a partner based primarily on what physical characteristics their child would have. This is not an uncommon sentiment in many developing nations, but rarely is this based on physical attributes. This way of thinking is generally based as a result of social-economic conditions. However, most interracial couples don’t think about the hue of their children. They simply love them for who they are.

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